I ve posted a small arti…

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I’ve posted a small article about imports & monorepos: https://medium.com/@dSebastien/avoiding-import-issues-in-typescript-monorepos-d5a4b21f90ef. In it, I’ve mentioned a cool setting I’ve discovered today in IntelliJ/WebStorm so that it better handles imports in libraries. Medium: Avoiding import issues in TypeScript monorepos


Are you going to publish it outside of a paywall so the full community can benefit?

Hello Lars, good point! I’m so used to looking at Medium in an anonymous windows that I forget about their paywall :stuck_out_tongue:. I’ve cross-posted it on <http://dev.to dev.to>: https://dev.to/dsebastien/avoiding-import-issues-in-typescript-monorepos-jm0
I usually post on Medium out of habit, but maybe <http://dev.to dev.to> should become my main blogging space and Medium the secondary route.. Whatever :wink:

It’s possible to opt out of the Medium paywall so that it can be read free-of-charge. They just don’t make it easy to find that option anymore.