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Just posted an article on rebuilding and retesting affected changes in an Nx workspace with GitHub Actions! https://dev.to/devinshoemaker/running-nx-affected-commands-in-github-actions-56f6


Interesting, I just posted this in the <#CMFKWPU6Q support> channel: https://nrwlcommunity.slack.com/archives/CMFKWPU6Q/p1591625583161800

This is already a great first step. Did you also manage to integrate the Incremental Build capabilities / Nx computation caching? => https://nx.dev/angular/guides/ci/incremental-builds

I’m struggling where and how to save and restore the Nx Cache with Github Actions.

It would be exactly this part from the article: > If we can share the cache with our teammates, we can get a much better dev experience.

I haven’t messed with that much yet. I think when you’re in a CI/CD context Nx Cloud is most useful, but that comes at a cost. I’m pretty new at GitHub Actions, but will they even allow you to cache that data? I would figure they would start each workflow with a fresh VM. If you figure it out then let me know!

There is an action for caching ( https://github.com/actions/cache ), but I haven’t figured out how to combine the Nx Computation Cache with that