Today I announced a blog…

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Today I announced a blog and documentation website for my Nx plugins! Hello World! | nxtend


I love that the title of the page is hello world. Unless that was a mistake and that’s the default. If so you should keep it.


The site is also using Docusaurus but at some point it broke because of some conflicting babel package. Did not dive into fixing it yet but if you find the same you can be sure it’s not your local project :grin:

very intentional :simple_smile: thanks!

I haven’t had any issues with Babel or package conflicts yet, but I do need to update Nx a minor version. Were you using the @nx-plus/docusaurus plugin?

yes, using the plugin

Going to update the site later this week so I’ll see if I still have the issue

Sounds good, I’ll see if anything pops up for me!

Great page :slightly_smiling_face: How did you record the GIFs?

I used the awesome asciinema

And a converter to get the asciinema ‘movie’ to gif