i guess pasting this in …

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i guess pasting this in here,

i wanted a small opinion, if https://www.npmjs.com/package/@flowaccount/nx-serverless this would help anyone … :confused: i have been working on it for a couple of weeks and we are using it in our pipeline npm: @flowaccount/nx-serverless


any idea what is the difference between your package and @ng-toolkit/serverless?

i tried out your package yesterday but couldnt get it to work with an existing or new app. Complained about tsconfig and list files.

Hi i fixed the package to be working and running by a while back

And am implementing some changes and adding deploy for angular app to lambda function

Will send updates soon :)

The diff with the toolkit is that this is catered for node and the additional universal part is going to be similar i think, trying to make it more seamless

Hey! i have just released a new version, in this one you can deploy angular-universal onto lambda! it will add universal schematics automatically on your project (v9) and deploy in one command!