did you ever get a chan…

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did you ever get a chance to make a demo repo and/or some documentation for your semantic-release-plus package? I spent about 15 minutes investigating yesterday and couldn’t find what I needed


  • not yet but I am working on it today. Can you tell me if there is a way to pass an argument through to run-commands ie: I want to be able to run nx release ng-lib0 --dry-run and that will result in passing the dry-run flag through to the run-commnads which is running yarn run semantic-release --extends=./apps/ng/lib0/release.config.js but then appends --dry-run to the end


--args is what you want I think

alright I did play with that and looked at that page but I must be missing something… I cant quite get it correct. It’s just a nice to have so I can move on.

"echo": { "builder": "@nrwl/workspace:run-commands", "options": { "commands": [ { "command": "echo {args.extraArgs}" } ] } }, And then in the command line: nx run products:echo --args="--extraArgs=something"

This executes echo something and the output is something

how about if I wanted to specify 3 args --no-ci --dry-run --branches=feature-branch

nx run products:echo --args="--extraArgs='--no-ci --dry-run --branches=feature-branch'"

hm that didn’t work

"echo": { "builder": "@nrwl/workspace:run-commands", "options": { "commands": [ { "command": "echo {args.extraArgs1} {args.extraArgs2} {args.extraArgs3}" } ] } }, Terminal: nx run products:echo --args='--extraArgs1=--no-ci --extraArgs2=--dry-run --extraArgs3=--branches=feature-branch

not great, but it works

thanks, I may include a couple extra args but the number of optional args that can be passed to semantic-release makes that approach a little hard.

I was kind of looking for a solution similar to how npm run command allows you to pass args through to the command by using an extra -- ie npm run release -- --dry-run --no-ci

yeah, that’s what I thought –args would do, but apparently it chokes on space characters. I think its worth opening an issue

Agreed, I will see if I can get something written up later today

what CI service do you use?

I haven’t picked yet. Something free for oss and easy to integrate with GitHub

you then just run nx release ng-app

I don’t get the luxury of using GitHub at my job so I don’t play with the GitHub Semantic Release Plugin all that often so don’t know it’s in’s and outs

with some custom schematics it would be easier to pass that data

but the solution you provided to me a while ago worked fine for me :slightly_smiling_face:

Yea.. I need to:

  1. find the time
  2. figure out how to write a schematic
  3. figure out a good way to extract the information from NX. nx has a lot of function under the hood for working with the workspace and I think I could extract the information from there. But the fall back is run a dep-graph report and combine that with the angular/workspace.json to get any other info.

nx print-affected gives a lot of json describing what Nx knows about your dependency graph. That might be what you’re looking for

Thanks for the reminder I was looking at that when looking at how the distributed pipeline was working

It seams that my changelog file is causing additional releases, also in the changelog I see lines appear for other libraries

You will get commits in your changelog for all commits included in the commit paths

Did you add changelog.md to your .nxignore file?

yes i did

Do you have chore commit types configured to create a release?

is your repo public?

no it’s a private one