Hey all I have been wo…

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Hey all - I have been working on a release command that versions, builds and publishes all publishable package to an npm registry. It works using release-it.

I’m wondering if other people are interested in such a command?


That was something I really enjoyed about lerna so ya I would love that command!

Absolutely. We’ve been talking about this internally as this would be important for Nx when u wanted to use it for managing “library monorepos”

Also had reached out to me on Twitter. He also experimented with such setup. So you may want to sync up :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok cool - I will polish it up and publish it.

Yes, I tried to set it up with semantic-release

I will ping once I have something tot look at. I think I’m going to use his docosaurus integration that just landed in master :)

I had issues with semantic-release on non-master branches. Ideally I’d want to have my branch dictate how a package gets published.

This is amazing!

I also built out a publish script with nx/sematic-release. I used the semantic-release-monorepo package/wrapper but yesterday realized could use run-commands builder to make it better, but a full on nx plugin would probably be the best! Excited to see it.

What problem do you have with it? Basically it supports branch configurations https://semantic-release.gitbook.io/semantic-release/usage/configuration#branches

I tried to filter the release & changelog by subject, therefor I have a release config for each project: https://github.com/twittwer/nx-tools/blob/master/libs/compodoc/.releaserc.js

And a nx-command that executes semantic release in the project directory That way it’s possible to use nx affected --target=release

I honestly don’t recall what was going wrong

Also, my current use case only looks at release all the libraries, I’m not yet looking at affected only

I will have something out there later today so y’all can take a look :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m excited to see conversation around this topic. I’ve wanted this functionality for a while, but haven’t gotten around to working on it

Great the here people are excited about this! :thumbsup:

Tane Piper just wrote a post related to this topic and there’s some discussion about it on <http://angularnation.net angularnation.net>


Thanks for the link - I didn’t know that site yet! Just signed up for access!

Yeah, Bonnie Brennan just announced it on Wednesday on Angular Air