I tried to deploy the ga…

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I tried to deploy the gatsbyapp on netlify inside nx workspace last night and you can do that too, using the builder which was written for angular a year ago. https://twitter.com/SantoshYadavDev/status/1277306090091196416?s=20|https://twitter.com/SantoshYadavDev/status/1277306090091196416?s=20 https://twitter.com/SantoshYadavDev|@SantoshYadavDev: Why should https://twitter.com/angular|@angular have all the fun, when you can deploy your https://twitter.com/GatsbyJS|@GatsbyJS app to https://twitter.com/Netlify|@Netlify using the https://twitter.com/NxDevTools|@NxDevTools with the builder for netlify. npm i https://twitter.com/Netlify|@Netlify-builder/deploy and add below target for the project in workspace.json and run nx run project-name:deploy Cc: https://twitter.com/maxkoretskyi|@maxkoretskyi https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EbnmlITUcAAfbJT.jpg