I ve got a random questi…

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I’ve got a random question about contributing. I’d love to start contributing back to Nx in my spare time, and there seems to be a few issues in GitHub that are potential for me to get my feet wet in the project. Is there a mechanism in the GitHub repo that identifies which issues Nrwl would like a contribution from the community on? I’ve seen some other repos use labels to mark things they would like done, but the core team isn’t likely to have time to work on it in the near term, so the repo asks for someone from the community to take it on.


From what I see, the project uses the “community” label for such issues

Ah perfect, thanks . I must have missed that label

and there are also “type: question / discussion”, “type: docs” and “PR status: tests needed” which might be relevant :slightly_smiling_face:

Also if there is something nx doesn’t do that you wish it did try and build that feature! That’s what I did. First contribution to Nx was nest lib functionality. I’ll admit figuring out schematics may have not been the easiest first tasks but throwing yourself in the deep end helps me learn.

ha, yeah. I’ve been in that deep end a bit at work, we have some custom builders and generators that we’ve written