Hi I am looking for doc…

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Hi, I am looking for documentation on how to use the tools in the Nx monorepo setup


Let’s for example say that I have custom node script that I want to execute using an “npm script”, but want to write it in typescript. Is the tools folder the right place to do this?

What are some best practices for this?

Yes, that’s what tools are there for. Anything that is related to your codebase, but isn’t actually application code.

Thanks for your quick answer :slightly_smiling_face: Is there documentation around this somewhere? I don’t seem to find it

I generally use it like this in package.json’s scripts:

"setup": "ts-node -P ./tools/tsconfig.tools.json ./tools/setup.ts", "migrate:reset": "ts-node -P ./tools/tsconfig.tools.json ./tools/migrate-reset.ts",

Just a couple sentences here: https://nx.dev/angular/workspace/workspace-overview

it would be worthwhile to add a section on writing and executing node scripts in the /tools directory. Zack DeRose is also working on an article all about how to make a “workspace” builder inside your tools directory - similar to the way workspace schematics are placed in the tools directory.

If you’re going to make a custom node script, it might be worthwhile to run it with the run-commands builder, like this: https://nx.dev/angular/workspace/builders/run-commands-builder

That way you can use it with affected and also take advantage of caching.