I just pulled down the l…

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I just pulled down the latest master from nrwl/nx, now when I try to push I get this message.


Not sure what causes it. It seems weird that this would happen assuming that it runs at everyone’s machine on push?

that shouldn’t happen

there’s a git push hook that runs yarn documentation and checks to make sure that your git status is still clean

somehow master was updated without that hook being called

Ok, so it’s not something in my branch?

if you run yarn documentation and then commit the changes, you should be able to push

Right, but this happens on master. When I update beeman/nx

yeah, if its happening on your master branch after getting latest, that means we broke something on our end

I’ll double check myself

Ok - happy to send a PR with a fix if that helps

I noticed this when making a PR yesterday as well, I just committed the documentation changes along with my own documentation changes


I renamed the husky key and pushed it the hard way :see_no_evil:

Brandon made a PR to fix it

I’ll merge it


if you get latest now, you should be good to go

:page_facing_up: Documentation not modified