Party people I m workin…

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Party people! I’m working on a migration for the Nx monorepo to migrate Nest 6 to Nest 7. I’m wondering if anyone has some pointers on how to actually test this? Y tried yarn link @nrwl/nest in my target project and ran yarn upgrade but that does not seem to do the trick


you mean testing the migration?

Indeed - but as in running it in a project that has nx 8 and nest 6

I don’t think the migrations have any other tests?

ok I see

so we have scripts in the Nx repo that allows you to quickly spin up a local registry (Verdaccio) and release a version of nx there.


Ah check. I will go that route

you basically follow that guide and then release a version of Nx locally with

yarn nx-release 9.3.1-beta.102 --local

obviously the version you give should be larger than any other existing right now, otherwise that will get pulled from npm

Cool, thanks

so right now for instance we have 9.4.0-beta.1 deployed, so you’d go either wiht 9.4.0-beta.100 etc..

Yeah. I knew the registry. script was there, I actually forked it ( . Just did not cross my mind to test it that way :slightly_smiling_face:

and in the test repo you then just invoke ng update or nx migrate … :slightly_smiling_face:

oh cool :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah I still have to look into :slightly_smiling_face: Someone posted it in our internal channel last week

thx for all the work you do on Nx btw :pray:

My pleasure! I’m super happy I get to contribute and it’s so cool to see the community growing :slightly_smiling_face:

Curious about what you think about nxpm. I would love to add more useful tools and feature requests

Ok, having migrations like this is simply awesome… :nerd_face:

In other news, having the registry worked - thanks