Hi did anyone play aro…

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did anyone play around with AngularJS builders in nrwl repo? We have ~150 repositories for AngularJS and build (with webpack) 10 separate deployable applications from them. Once we started migration to Angular (using Nrwl) we hooked Renovate Bot to update AngularJS modules inside our mono repository. This works, but having all modules (both Angular and AngularJS) in same monorepo would be way better DX.


Hey! Never tried with AngularJS but if you already have a functional webpack config for building the apps, you should be able to use the custom-webpack builders https://github.com/just-jeb/angular-builders/tree/master/packages/custom-webpack

True. I guess building is easy part. Due to “magic” string based DI of AngularJS dep-graph will not know what was affected.

Hu, OK I got it

It is interesting in general to know are there any companies dealing with similar challenges or is everyone already enjoying only-Angular based platforms :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe manually specifying implicitDependencies in your AngularJS apps can do the stuff: // nx.json { "projects": { "angular-js-app": { "implicitDependencies": ["shared-lib"] } } }

It’s a bit verbose but as a migration purpose, it can satisfy your needs :man-shrugging:

That’s nice idea, since alternative is going through all 150+ repos and exporting injectable strings for DI, then using those exported string instead of magic strings.