Hi I m playing around w…

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Hi, I’m playing around with Nx, as I intend to develop a medium sized enterprise Angular monorepo with it. I have a few questions about learning resources:

  1. I did the free Nxplaybook course (https://nxplaybook.com/p/nx-workspaces). Is the advanced cource worth the money(https://nxplaybook.com/p/advanced-nx-workspaces)? From the curriculum it doesn’t seem to have much extra content than the free one.
  2. Is the Nrwl Connect still active/updated (https://connect.nrwl.io/)? The books there seem a bit outdated, I’m not sure about the Cookbook&Topic Explorer
  3. Do you have other recommendations? Thanks Nx Workspaces (by Nrwl)


You can find the advanced course content other places around the internet for free, but the advanced course saves you the time of searching and delivers to you in a quick and organized way. (I’m biased.)

Nrwl Connect is not being updated, but most of the content there is still useful.