Hello I am trying to cr…

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Hello! I am trying to create some schematics that will allow me to have some naming convention for the root folder of the library (i.e. if I run nx workspace-schematic foo-lib test I want it to create foo-test library). This is mainly so I can assign reviewers in Git by a predictible path (using Apache Ant convention - I don’t have support for owners file right now). I managed to do this, by creating a custom schematic and change the name property in then output, but I don’t want the package.json name to be this (i.e. instead of the package being named foo-test I want to use the original name test). Hopefully this makes some sense! Thanks for the support, I am starting with NX and it’s an amazing tool!


For support questions it’s better to go for the <#CMFKWPU6Q support> channel

Maybe this can help you if I understand your needs correctly: https://gist.github.com/twittwer/d1adb85f873b02b14b6f52d2aa9ec4f3