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anyone’s got news about ? Asset management (namely SVGR) for publishable libraries [nrwl/nx] #2084 How to handle image assets in React Library


FYI I got it to work with a custom rollup config:

```/* eslint-disable @typescript-eslint/no-var-requires */ module.exports = (config) => { const svgr = require(‘@svgr/rollup’).default; const url = require(‘@rollup/plugin-url’);

console.dir(config, { depth: null });

return { …config, plugins: [ …config.plugins, url(), svgr({ svgo: false, ref: true, titleProp: true, }), ], }; };``` I really hope nx will add this in the near future as this is the second custom config I’m having for adding SVGR support (the first one is a custom webpack config for StoryBook).

Wait until you need to import a json file :D