Hey hey everyone Why w…

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Hey hey, everyone. Why was this so hard to find?


Welcome Lars, what do you mean so hard to find?

This Slack workspace. Found it in a random GitHub issue.

if you look at the Readme on the nx github its right at the top as a badge :smile:

bottom right of this image

Look at Alex, thinking I read documentation

Haha, I never read badges. It’s like having too many buttons in a single screen of an app.


I should have noticed it. Come to think of it, I’m not sure that I’ve visited the Nx repository very often.

I visit nx.dev more often.

ah makes sense. I dont work for Nrwl, maybe one of the Nrwlians can help

Yeah we can post the invite link on Nx.dev, and can do some tweets about it.

Btw thank you for saying Nrwlians so that Victor Savkin doesn’t get angry

Hahaha alright will keep that in mind! (Fixed)