how are you doing people…

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how are you doing people? what is the most exciting thing about Nx in your work?


organization - more specifically, organizing features into their own libs that are self contained. THEN only building those small libs if only that thing changes

It’s really magical once everything is set up, and you have a bunch of people contributing to a project

I second what Jon said! we are still working through decoupling our code so we really get the power of affected but are already seeing benefits!

Nx Cloud! :heart:

In addition to structure our Angular monorepo, it helped us set up Storybook and Nest without worrying about configurations.

I think structure helps make sense of our code. I’m migrating an old monorepo into an NX one, and so far it’s easier than I thought due to the clear structure.

One of the main reasons I chose nx was the developer experience - same cli interface for everything, well documented and a very supportive community (I mean - I’ve watched several webinars but the slack channels are super active and responsive - thanks a bunch everyone!).

Aside from that - I’m blown away by the many cool features that will make the whole migration super beneficial beyond what I first thought - like cached builds, bazel integration etc.

I’ve just found out about nx cloud a week ago - and I’m still in the process of migrating to the nx repo but long CI times are definitely a goal for us (once we untangle our current legacy local dev environment).

I’m pretty much excited about nx in general - it makes so much sense as a whole… can’t thank you enough :slightly_smiling_face: