I m curious what this mi…

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I’m curious what this might/will mean for Nx: https://github.com/npm/rfcs/blob/latest/accepted/0026-workspaces.md [npm/rfcs] accepted/0026-workspaces.md


At best a low-level building block that allows us to do stuff like hoisting packages from apps/libs instead of having them all in the top-level package.json

Other than that, I don’t think it brings anything to the table that Nx currently does

Indeed, the interest I see is being able to more cleanly isolate a dependency if needed

For now in my app, I can stick with a single version, but I’ve already faced a few cases where updating a dependency of the monorepo meant breaking some app/lib

Yep, with larger projects that’s almost inevitable. However, best practice is generally not to have multiple packages installed through package json. Most case that I have seen, people ‘vendor in’ the old version of the library and make sure that the only the breaking project uses that special package.