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Hi, I’ve created an Angular + Preact monorepo using nx in our company and it’s working fine. However playing with Ivy engine I noticed that bundling behaviour changes with the new renderer: we use a shell + lazy load routes and components and the main bundle doubled size, from 500kb uncompressed to 1mb, once Ivy is enabled either with Angular 9 or with the compiler flags in Angular 8. Inspecting the source maps, I noticed that this is due to main bundle including the whole API or component library instead of the required injectables/modules once Ivy is enabled. Anyone noticed this behaviour in their migration tests?


Hey Christian I haven’t played around with Ivy yet but I know the angular team has said that ivy is not ready for prod yet because of issues like you described, you are not the only one having that issue to my knowledge.

Hi Jay. Good to know that this is a known issue. Thanks!