Hi everyone I am lookin…

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Hi everyone, I am looking at the cookbook recipe here https://connect.nrwl.io/app/cookbook/3lUhYk6aXO4kiKqfTfj3fS about creating a shared assets library and it would be great to include the best practice for how to reference a shared asset from an app component template and from an app style url( reference, Could that be added? Nrwl Connect


Hey Justin, we (the admins of this workspace) don’t actually work for nrwl but I know there are a couple of nrwlers here

I’m sure they will suggest opening a PR with the requested doc changes though!


You are welcome!

I am not sure on the best practice so while I could create a PR it might need some tweaking which I guess is the point of a PR :slightly_smiling_face:

You could always open an issue and reference any pr you open afterwards

Yup exactly! Nx will have a contributing guide in the repo somewhere I’m sure

I basically ran into an issue where the icon’s referenced showed up fine when serving but in a the –prod build they are missing.

Doc updates are commit message docs(scope): message

Yup. And they just published the video on contributing :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a doc update pr that is closed for this slack workspace if you want to see an example

Doginal is my github account

Pretty comfortable with conventional commits, That’s all I/we use on all our projects

but I will take a look

I didn’t realize the cookbooks were part of the github repo

Their ci takes 1.5 hr FYI

…I don’t actually think the cookbook recipes are in our public repos, I think they’re in contentful. I can certainly bring this up with the connect team and see about getting the recipe updated though.

Oh! I was wrong, my apologies!


np, there’s a lot of documentation that is in the nrwl/nx repo, but it’s more reference docs than blog posts.