Is TS required when usin…

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Is TS required when using Nx ?


It shouldn’t be, but our team does most of our work in TS

Are you running into problems using plain javascript?

Just running into issues understanding how things work, what is required and what is not.

Ok. If you have specific questions, let me know

Feels like you need to have a strong handle on how everything works before you can confidently start customizing things. I think I made the error in trying to use @flowaccount/nx-serverless

You can even put non-JS code into an Nx repo - it just won’t have dependencies automatically detected by nx

its too opinionated for what we need and now I’m more confused as how to customize it

If you want to do just plain node code, @nrwl/node handles that

watching that course seems to answer alot of how to do something exactly like that… but little about how to do what we’re looking to do.

I’d love to hear what’s missing for you

so I still don’t know where the edges are on what is REQUIRED verses what we can customize.

Sorry, I just me specifics. We are not using express…. our JS files relate to functions. In our case we us webpack to build our functions before serverless uploads them.

so I’d love to under stand more about HOW the workspace.json works… how we can customize it…. rather than a demo that walks through how you can use it successfully once setup.

ok, that makes sense. Let me find something for you

cause we’re likely in the space where we will need to setup our own plugin/schematic ?

handle our builds a specific way… etc

if you just want to run a specific command from the command line, you can accomplish that with the run-commands builder

even looking at this other persons plugin for serverless… @flowaccount/nx-serverless it assumes we NOT bundling with webpack and we are….as well…. it assumes we are using serverless-offline… and we’re not

sure. people write plugins for their own usecase

Not to mention… TS seems to come up in all the config over and over and were not using it.

TS can understand plain javascript files

so just because the tools are using typescript doesn’t mean you have to. VS Code itself uses Typescript to give you intellisense in your JS files

ah…. did not know that

here I was trying to chop it out everywhere

the link I sent you shows how to use the run-commands builder to create a builder that incorporates with Nx that just runs some command line command

still looking for an in depth explanation of the workspace.json file

looks like it requires a login for more info?

yeah, you just need to give your email and you’re in


here are the API docs, but they’re not as helpful:

ya been going thru those.

do you work for Nrwl?


I wonder, is there at all an avenue where someone from Nrwl can help us setup a PoC to assess Nx in short order? We’re a pretty smart bunch, so I’m sure it would not take much before we’re self sufficient. Do you guys have a paid service that you offer like this?

Our primary revenue stream is consulting, so I bet this could be worked out. Let me talk to Jeff

do you want him to reach out to someone on your side? What company do you work for?

I work for we’ve hosted a few DevTO’s here. It’s where I met Jason Jean….who is the one that introduced me to MonoRepos.

Ok, Jeff wants to continue to the conversation. You can email him at <> . He’s also joining this slack channel, so he might hop on this thread.



Hey feel free to shoot me an email and we can chat!

And thanks for the feedback about the confusion; it helps our team make Nx more accessible