I had created a custom r…

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I had created a custom run-command target called release. I then updated it to run a second command and updated the name. from release to build-release running the command ng run my-app:build-release works fine but when I try to use the following they all say I do not have a project with build-release:

nx affected --target=build-release - I am on fork, master doesn’t have the build-release target in the angular.json ```> NX No projects with “build-release” were run


> NX SUCCESS Running target “build-release” succeeded ```

nx run-many --target=build-release --projects=my-app1,my-app2 --parallel - outputs:

```> NX WARNING the following do not have configuration for “build-release”

  • [object Object]
  • [object Object]

> NX No projects with “build-release” were run```