If you had a custom cli …

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If you had a custom cli (in typescript) you wanted to move into your nx repo where would you put it in the project structure? And what type of schematic would you use to create it?


I would make it a node app most likely

But then again I’m not too sure what the best course of action there is as it’s not an app, and not a lib…

Maybe we need to make a schematic schematic for nx

Why not add a new folder for it alongside apps/libs? Maybe cli?

Maybe the tools folder is specifically meant something else?

That’s where schematics get created

You could put a cli folder in there also, that’s up to you. Probably a good place for it. Nx will not care about an extra folder

We have a folder with some python scripts in our repo and nx doesn’t see them or care they are there

I like to use the tools folder for that kind of thing

I guess if you think about it a cli is a type of app

I would say if your not releasing it put it in the tools folder else apps :)