Hey everyone I am think…

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Hey everyone! I am thinking of starting a repo with a readme in it that is an aggregation of all of the questions that have been asked and their corresponding questions, like a crowd sourced FAQ for our community. Would people be interested in contributing? Might provide some insights into where the documentation is lacking as well.


I am down to help jay

Sounds good to me

Jay, we can probably dump all the threads via an app/API

We could come up with a convention to tag/react to questions that we think should be in the FAQ’s we can then use either a slack bot or an API to look for that and consolidate that in one place. Maybe a special channel that just has our “tagged” questions for FAQ.

Ya not a bad idea. I was thinking at the minimum we could just create a PR per Q&A. Little more manual. But having some kind of automated system would be super helpful. Could build out quite the nx resource!

Yea… probably at least a convention to help us find the the FAQ questions we want to be able to come back to and get added to the repo

Mvp time lol

Totally agree, wonder what the best way is for that?

An emoji for a tag? Or maybe “pin” a comment that is worth adding?

Emoji is probably easiest


Emoji it is then hahah. Some kind of custom one is our best bet.

Actually there is a question mark! ThTs a good one

you can then use slack search to search for it has::question:

Checkmark for solution?

The solution will probably just come from the thread itself

Might not be a single comment.

Meant solved not solution