Hi i m currently workin…

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Hi, i’m currently working on updating a project from @nrwl/angular 8 to 9. The application is running again but i still have some trouble getting the unit tests work again. We are using reflect-metadata in some of our classes which is not working with the latest version of jest (in the angular application it is working). I pinned it down to the update of "jest-preset-angular": "8.0.0", "@nrwl/jest": "9.1.2" from "jest-preset-angular": "7.0.0", "@nrwl/jest": "8.12.10" (can be reproduced in a new project using npx create-nx-workspace@8 and npx create-nx-workspace@latest). Did anyone has similar problems or a solution for using reflect in unit tests? Is this behaviour intended/a bug? Greetings Patrick


the result of Reflect.getMetadataKeys(target, propertyKey) inside of the Decorator is returning [ 'design:type' ] for version 8 and [] in version 9