I have a basic question …

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I have a basic question what type of project would you recommend if I want to use nx to build and bundle plain old js (not using angular or react) into a format that can be added to a page via a script tag.


Hey! I’ve actually been working on this to help my company migrate from a legacy app. Do you have a specific question?

My main strategy is currently building a component library, feature libraries that consume that, and then “entry point” apps that import feature components and do a ReactDOM.render. I make the entry point an app due to the web the default app configurations bundle everything into single JS files, while compiled libraries don’t. I want to look into making an Nx plugin that would allow you to generate an “entry point” library that will do this for you, but I haven’t started yet,

It’s roughly the same problem statement. We have some legacy scripts they live in our CMS system, which is dated and an absolute pain. The developer workflow is horrible / non existent (no PR’s, no CI), without some oversight we end up with some very lets just say interesting code. I want to be able to add this to our monorepo but not have to use any sort of framework.

I also have the wonderful time of having to support IE so it makes things like web components a bit harder. I have been lobbying them about no longer supporting IE as it adds a lot of developer overhead and we end up with IE only show stoppers at the last minute. Unfortunately the default browser on the enterprise computers is set to IE and many users don’t know how, don’t care, or don’t have the ability to change the default. Changing how every computer is setup in our company is a much bigger battle.

ok yea that wa a bit or rant :slightly_smiling_face: