some hint …

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some hint?


lets keep all parts of your question in a thread, please and thank you! Now towards your question, there are a few people on here that have gotten nx affected working with jenkins, I believe you have a doc?

the answer is you have to enable Advanced clone behaviours to fetch tags

by default jenkins do not fetch them thats why my job was on error et did not found branches others than current branch

Hey, take a look at this PR and this Repo <>
Look at the PR’s submitted by me here against the example repo <>

basically you need to set the base to remotes/origin/master

Thanks Justin!

really good stuff on semantic release


anyway my pb was coming from jenkin’s job configuration

:grin: I actually didn’t mean to paste that link :-)


i was looking for this too


How did you change your Jenkins job config?

enable Advanced clone behaviours to fetch tags

into job config ^^

And you didn’t have to use remotes/origin/master?

without this it will not work with any PULLREQUEST job


I swear I tried that

just develop master or watever

short name will work

What git system are you using?

jenkins + bitbucket

with Webhook to Jenkins for Bitbucket Server plugin

sorry you need to specify origin/

its seems remotes is useless

Yea, I might fiddle with our setup see if I can remove remotes now but it is working smoothly. I also have quite a few updated for external workspace plugin.