Is it possible to have l…

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Is it possible to have library with multiple modules that contains multiple components. I have an issue to use a component in routing in this case ?


are you exporting the component in the libraries index.ts?

i’m exporting * from child modules, yes

export * from './lib/ui.module'; export * from './lib/layout/layout.module';

like this, right?

are you trying to use the component directly?


```import { DashboardLayoutComponent } from ‘@nx-nebang/ui’;

const appRoutes: Routes = [ { path: ‘’, component: DashboardLayoutComponent }, ];```

export * from './lib/layout/dashboard-layout.component' not sure what its called or path but try adding this

is it a good pattern i’m trying to implement ? i want to have a layout with header and footer and then use it as root route with child pages from particular app.

i would say ask another question with that if we solved your above problem

and have you read nrwls angular book?

nope :disappointed:

read that then ask your question :smile:

thanks, man. I will back to you after

Do you have this nrwl-airlines example repo from book somewhere in github ?

found this one

I don’t sorry, maybe might know

hey just catching up on things