Is it possible to run n…

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Is it possible to run ng add schematics if I’ve generated a new project with the Nx CLI? I’ve tried nx add @angular/material but no dice. For context, I generated my workspace and chose Empty Workspace, with NX CLI, then later added Angular projects


At the moment the most reliable way is to add the dependency and then run nx generate @angular/material:init.

So if you use NPM, npm install @angular/material && nx generate @angular/material:init.

Slight nitpick but I think it should be npm install –save or if you use yarn then yarn add

I don’t think --save is necessary with modern version of NPM, but it would be good to add just to be safe. But yes, yarn add ... otherwise.

Ah good to know. I have never actually used npm for more than install deps of someone else project!

I’m not sure many people used npm install without --save so it makes sense :sweat_smile: