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Hey guys, We just wrote a stack overflow question about how to structure an Angular-NestJS monorepo. We are looking for guidelines and feedback about the way we are working with it so far. It would be awesome if we could get your feedback on this :rocket: -> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/61320065/how-should-we-structure-my-angular-nestjs-nx-monorepo-looking-for-guidelines Stack Overflow: How should we structure my angular-nestjs nx monorepo ? Looking for guidelines


We have been wondering the same thing lately! I’ll be watching this closely

I hope the question won’t get closed in the meantime :thinking_face:

It all depends on how pure you want your code base to be

Futhermore your grouping is incorrect. You should group bus drive as one and have BE and FE as a micro lib from that,

However this is where NX falls down. because orgs name not always the best option

what do you mean with “how pure you want your code base to be”?