I m working on a PR to m…

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I’m working on a PR to make it easier to pass through args to a command. Whilst trying to change the docs I saw that there’s some duplication going on though, is there some kind of process that keeps them in sync?


depends on the docs - if you’re changing some schematics or builders (updating their schema.json files) documentation should be automatically generated

if it’s another part, then you most likely would have to manually update a .md file

It’s more than schema sadly and the file is both in the angular as the react namespace

I’ll make sure I add it to both

~well, if you’re changing the schema.json, and have a description in there, the file should be updated for both react and angular~

~you wouldnt have to manually change those~

ops sorry, i misread :stuck_out_tongue:

haha, no worries

ended up finding the template :smile: https://github.com/nrwl/nx/pull/2898/files#diff-d2641c9249a9a4eeac5dc6430e7dc171