Wanted to get started wi…

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Wanted to get started with a new project this morning, entered npx create-nx-workspace@latest new-project into the terminal and was greeted with this error: npx: installed 199 in 7.791s Must use import to load ES Module: /Users/leifwells/.npm/_npx/65026/lib/node_modules/create-nx-workspace/node_modules/is-promise/index.js require() of ES modules is not supported. require() of /Users/leifwells/.npm/_npx/65026/lib/node_modules/create-nx-workspace/node_modules/is-promise/index.js from /Users/leifwells/.npm/_npx/65026/lib/node_modules/create-nx-workspace/node_modules/run-async/index.js is an ES module file as it is a .js file whose nearest parent package.json contains "type": "module" which defines all .js files in that package scope as ES modules. Instead rename /Users/leifwells/.npm/_npx/65026/lib/node_modules/create-nx-workspace/node_modules/is-promise/index.js to end in .cjs, change the requiring code to use import(), or remove "type": "module" from /Users/leifwells/.npm/_npx/65026/lib/node_modules/create-nx-workspace/node_modules/is-promise/package.json. I think this is an npx error, but… I have no idea. I searched the issues on the github repo and searched here without finding anything. Anyone have any thoughts?


Hmm i’ve got same issue what version of node

Invalid "exports" main target "index.js" defined in the package config /home/libertyware/.npm/_npx/25360/lib/node_modules/create-nx-workspace/node_modules/is-promise/package.json

issue is this https://github.com/then/is-promise/issues/12

Package just broken react and angular too :sweat_smile:

I have node v12.16.1

Yea should be fixed shortly they just broke eveything

Awesome. :cry:

Half the internet now broken

Just half?

will that package is used ALOT 11,697,391 downloads a week. thats react, angular and i believe vue and alot of node frameworks

Somebody must have deployed on a Friday!

Nope did it 31 minutes ago

``` module.exports = isPromise; module.exports.default = isPromise;

function isPromise(obj) { return !!obj && (typeof obj === ‘object’ || typeof obj === ‘function’) && typeof obj.then === ‘function’; }``` thats the NPM code in the package like why are people using this

So, what you’re saying is that if I had gotten out of bed 30 minutes earlier I may have avoided this? :wink:


but… I needed my beauty sleep!

one minute

What u can do is clone the repo and add a resolution in the package json

then use npm link so it uses the locally installed version

"resolutions": { "is-promise": "2.1.0", "run-async/is-promise": "2.1.0", "memoizee/is-promise": "2.1.0" } add that to you package json

That… sounds like a headache for a Saturday. I’m going to go watch some videos on http://egghead.io|egghead.io instead. Thanks for your suggestion. I think I can wait until this gets fixed officially.

This was a funny read

seems like Javascript community hasn’t learnt it’s lesson from left-pad

They most definitely have not. That is true

I’ve never heard of this package. I would never use an npm package for such a small issue. It add risk to your code

function isPromise(obj) { return !!obj && (typeof obj === 'object' || typeof obj === 'function') && typeof obj.then === 'function'; } There must be a better way to tell if something is a promise… right?

is they is

function isPromise(obj) { return typeof obj?.then === 'function'; } or what i do function alwaysPromise (obj) { return Promise.resolve(obj); }

just make the everything a promise. rather than checking and reacting to it

ya the only standard for promises is an object with a then function.

but ya doing Promise.resolve will convert it to a trusted primise,

the issue is native promises in js and then bluebird promises. It means you cant just use instance of

Yea so whats wrong with making it a promise

Shouldn’t be anything wrong with it :man-shrugging: But the JS community looooves their small packages

Yep. no lesson learnt. It;s going to make a nice blog to laugh at

> the JS community looooves their small packages

Fixed: https://github.com/then/is-promise/releases