here I m new to NX a…

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@here, I’m new to NX and monorepos and in planning mode for a full-stack project using Angular and Nest apps… not seeing any documentation regarding how to use nodemon in conjunction with developing Nest. Any ideas?


Hey todd! You don’t actually need nodemon when using nx! (we used to as well). Just run yarn ng serve <nest project name>

dont need yarn

ng serve [project] will auto-reload on changes? very kewl

You do if you want to make sure you are using your local copy of angular, otherwise you could use your globally installed version of ng which could be a different major version

yes it will

ng serve will do. In nest I run npm run start:debug and it hot-reloads. I have my vscode setup so it autosaves every time i make a change. I wouldnt have autosave for angular if the test suite is also running.