what would cause nx dep…

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what would cause nx dep-graph to not see a dependency? I would assume if I import something from @myroot/somelib in a source file in @myroot/someapp that I’d see the dependency pointing from someapp to somelib, but I don’t.


dep graph uses affected to render the graph. Your lib must not be a library created by NX, I believe you must have an entry in tsconfig.json, nx.json and angular.json workspace.json for affected to see the libs/apps

What do you mean the library can’t be created by NX? That makes no sense to me.

Your lib must not of been a created by NX *** if you created your lib with ng generate @nrwl/workspace:library then your lib will show in the dep graph without any modification.

if you really want to dig in and debug things, you can look at the nxdeps.json under the dist folder. That will show you all the dependencies that Nx knows about