Hi Is there a way to de…

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Hi. Is there a way to debug jest tests in chrome dev tools?


I’ve tried this: node --inspect-brk ./node_modules/@nrwl/cli/bin/nx test distributed-cache but it doesn’t work - I can’t see any test running

I think the issue with the above command is that it debugs nx on port 9229 and then it tries to debug jest on the same port

Still no go

Ok - taking the example above, I’ve managed to create a webstorm config that allows for debugging the jest tests

i like using ndb (although, it only works well in macos/linux :disappointed: )

would you mind sharing? That sounds interesting

I was in the process of writing a short post about it. Kids are home (Covid-19 and all) hence planning things is a laughable subject. I’ll write it down once they are asleep.