when I use the vs code t…

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when I use the vs code to generate a module anc check the routing option, no router module is created.. Am I missing something os is it a bug?


Are you setting the routing parameter to true?


as stated in the initial question I check the option “routing”.. or is there something else you mean?

> Executing task: nx generate @nrwl/angular:application --name=cases --style=scss --routing <

CREATE apps/cases/tsconfig.json (97 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/favicon.ico (15086 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/browserslist (429 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/tsconfig.app.json (163 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/tslint.json (240 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/index.html (321 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/main.ts (375 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/polyfills.ts (2833 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/styles.scss (80 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/assets/.gitkeep (0 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/environments/environment.prod.ts (51 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/environments/environment.ts (662 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/app/app.module.ts (417 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/app/app.component.html (3017 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/app/app.component.spec.ts (1020 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/app/app.component.ts (211 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/app/app.component.scss (2088 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/jest.config.js (347 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/tsconfig.spec.json (233 bytes) CREATE apps/cases/src/test-setup.ts (30 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/tslint.json (97 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/cypress.json (410 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/tsconfig.e2e.json (167 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/tsconfig.json (137 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/src/fixtures/example.json (80 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/src/integration/app.spec.ts (402 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/src/plugins/index.js (832 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/src/support/app.po.ts (47 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/src/support/commands.ts (1068 bytes) CREATE apps/cases-e2e/src/support/index.ts (599 bytes) UPDATE package.json (2066 bytes) UPDATE workspace.json (13558 bytes) UPDATE nx.json (863 bytes) UPDATE tslint.json (2311 bytes)

oh sorry.. I meant when generating a new application


why would you rather do it like this? What is the benefit of having RouterModule.forRoot([], { initialNavigation: 'enabled' }), instead?