Does anyone know a way t…

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Does anyone know a way to configure the output folder of nx-plugin integration tests?


They’re hard coded to ./tmp/nx-e2e


Mhh okay. Jest starts tests in parallel as a default. If I group my tests in multiple files, e2e won’t run. Test A tries to remove the workspace while test B runs I think.

Try putting max workers as 1

Something like folder per file or something would be nice. But the 1 worker solution ist what I’m doing as well right know. Thought maybe I’ve overlooked something. Thanks

There’s definitely some improvements needed for plugin e2es. Keep an eye out!

That would be great to get fixed. I haven’t tried yet, but would you think that something Ike that could be a good first issue or had a chance to get merged if I put something together to improve it?

Yea, sure! There might be a bit of refactoring, but as long as the previous expectations are still there, then it’s all good :smile: