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Hey there! New day, new question: is there a way to customize what nx workspace-lint and nx lint do? I have added stylelint to my project and I’d like to include it in the “set of things” that NX lints


For now I’ve just preprended my lint scripts to execute another “lint:css” script, but it ain’t so nice :wink:

I was thinking the same this week… would be nice if linting would also happen on style based files. We never had a much rules for writing css declarations, but a colleague applied a rule of alphabetically ordering declarations in a MR and I really like it. Really easy to reason about and editors also have plugins/features to sort lines alphabetically

Didn’t do any research just yet, i’ll keep an eye out on this thread now :slightly_smiling_face:

Stylelint is a nice solution for this; it works really well. It’s also quite straightforward to add it to a project.

I’ll create a ticket on Nx’s github to see if they’re open to let us customize what lint does

The lint command calls a builder defined in workspace.json. It is free to change. You would have to implement your own builder.