Guys we are bound to us…

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Guys, we are bound to use our own distributed cache CI because of the security policy for our code and data. And we are running into some issues with the nx/.cache folder when running the CI in jenkins image builder with parrallel steps • The node_modules when mounted to parrarel images have issues because the processes needs to write to angular log folder and nx/.cache at the same time • If bound differently then the nx/.cache folder does not exists Would appreciate a ton if anyone has a way out for this! :smile:


You can specify a different cache dir in nx.json:

"cacheDirectory": "path/that/ci/can/cache",

as part of:

"tasksRunnerOptions": { "default": { "runner": "@nrwl/workspace/tasks-runners/default", "options": { "cacheDirectory": ".cache/nx", "cacheableOperations": ["build", "lint", "test", "e2e"] } } }