Hey all firstly nrlw i…

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Hey all, firstly, nrlw is fantastic. I’ve used it to build https://flick.tech and https://garn.io, where it has proved to improve my dev experience tremendous amounts. Granted, there are a couple downsides (e.g. poor timing for typescript intellisense for larger projects compared to using something like Lerna).

I’m starting a new project and have built it using an awesome new framework, <https://github.com/blitz-js/blitz Blitz>, utilising some other tools like <https://fab.dev/ FAB>. Now, I realise I’m going to need a few background workers (which seem to not work well with lambda style nextjs). I’d like to build out the workers in another “app” (separate to the nextjs app in Blitz), leading me to wonder how I might migrate my Blitz nextjs app to a Nrwl monorepo. Could someone hint me toward the steps I might have to undergo to migrate the Blitz app over? I imagine it’s not as simple as a copy-n-paste-job.