Hey all Totally new to …

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Hey all! Totally new to nrwl, and I’m in a situation where I’m hoping to migrate an existing Angular monorepo project to nx. Has anyone ever gone through this? Docs and guides and Google have only been helpful for examples of migration of a single app project.


Hi Yes I converted a current project to a Mono repo project and it did take a while to fix a few things, the migration tool from NX (as far I can remember went pretty well). A lot of the issue I had were mainly down to a poorly structured app to start with.

At the same time (probably not a wise move in hindsight, I should have completed one before the other) but I also migrated from Karma and Protractor to Jest/Jasmine.

If you can it might be worth migrating on a copy of your project just a dry run before performing it LIVE!