Is there a way to set wh…

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Is there a way to set what the node_env is when building a nest app with nx?


What do you mean exactly? Building a nestjs app as production you would use

nx run nestjsapp:build:production

are you trying to set the environment variable NODE_ENV and build time instead of runtime?

when I run yarn nx build api -c develop the compiled bundle has process.env.NODE_ENV replaced with "production"

I am using NODE_ENV in some places to check if its a dev server but I very well could just be using that env var wrong.

You should use the build in environments for that

You have an environment.ts and an

interesting I would not have expected the build to set process.env.NODE_ENV

Got it, ya this code is very old (comparatively to the age of the company) and was originally migrated from a non monorepo, was also my first nest app ever so I am just ysing it wrong. I actually rewrote how our env vars are being used (to correctly following the environment file pattern) the other day, just havent merged them in yet,

in a meeting so short message, but check this out

i ran into that and solved it with a custom webpack config