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hi everyone. I need to run affected:build with some additional params (baseUrl, deployUrl etc). I feel like it is not possible, especially for multiple apps with different sets of params. so I want to use nx print-affected, parse output, and then run related commands. Q: how do I get just a list of affected apps and nothing more? right now I’m using this script: nx print-affected --target=build --select=tasks.target.project which outputs: ```> platform@1.1.0 affected:print > nx print-affected –target=build –select=tasks.target.project

login, portal and I want just login, portal``` thanks.

If you know any other way to run affected apps with additional params - please, share


When I run that command (nx@9.2.4) I get the output you want - just the affected apps, nothing else.

Are you manually entering the command in a terminal prompt, or running it programmatically? If it’s the latter, could that be responsible for the extra output, not Nx itself?

programmaticaly, bash shell. in the terminal it works as expected.

If you’re running it as an NPM script you could use the --silent flag: npm run affected:print --silent

(Sorry for the delayed reply!)