Hey guys I m getting th…

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Hey guys, I’m getting this lint error after migrating from lerna to nx (angular project), I’ve checked that both angular.json and nx.json files have the same set of projects. Any other places I should check? I can see that the app is in the right directory so I’m not sure if I missed configuring something?


what’s in your angular.json and nx.json?

nx.json has all of my apps and libs under the projects section, tags property is empty plus: "implicitDependencies": { "angular.json": "*", "package.json": { "dependencies": "*", "devDependencies": "*" }, "tsconfig.json": "*", "tslint.json": "*", "nx.json": "*" },

angular.json also has my libs and apps under the projects section with the defaultProject set as the app with the lint error :smile:

are you able to share the project?

unfortunately i can’t :disappointed: because it’s a company project…, any other thing i can share that can help?

Can you try and reproduce it?