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Hi community, when we run the NX affected command (on our own development machines) the result always seems to be that everything has changed even on a clean checkout. We’re wondering if circular dependencies might be causing this. We’ve been encountering quite a few of those including some that point back to the root module of our Angular application (app.module.ts).

Is there any way to figure out if this is the case or can anyone think of other reasons why NX thinks we’ve changed everything?


Try running the affect dep graph to see what’s going on :)

Sorry, I meant the nx affected:dep-graph command, but that is the one that is showing pretty much everything we’ve got in this repository.

what branch are you on when running it?

It defaults to master so if you changed up your base branch on git you must add —base=yourBranch

I’ve found https://github.com/acrazing/dpdm helpful to weed out circular deps when dep graph becomes a bit large

you mean the branch of my own repository? This is on the master branch. I’m not sure how that is relevant, but then again we’re quite new when it comes to actually using the nx commands.

From your question I understand that nx does more than just look at any local changes.

Also from the answers I read here I think the answer is “yes” to our question “Can circular dependencies actually cause the affected feature to show that everything has changed?”