is there realworld tutor…

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is there realworld tutorial about nx usage (angular+nestjs). I mean, admin dashboard, add users, rbac, shared ui with some ui framework? I’m ready to pay for that, but not for hello world.


Hmm sounds like a Great idea,

Kind of nx marketplace where you can buy ready templates / setups

Id agree a real-world app would be amazing to have as a reference

I’m working on a marketplace to buy pre-made templates, currently all based on Nx. I hope to have something online end of this month.

sounds cool

Will it be open for all (as contributor) or is it more a personal marketplace?

The idea is to initially start out with a limited group of devs publishing there as I really want to focus on having only quality starters.

With that being said, I would love to work on an easy onboarding process and helping other devs up the quality of their starters and allow them to publish

One of the things that makes it complicated is handling payments, etc. Still not sure how that will work out.

My suggestion for payment would be to create a stripe account and then leverage their stripe connect system so your users can have a sub processing account under your platform and then when a payment is processed under the connect account your platform can take a cut and the money goes directly to them.

I have a lot of experience with that if you want to talk about it cause our whole platform is built on connect

That’s one of the options, however Stripe connect only works for people in certain countries.

One of the goals of the platform is to enable people to sell stuff that are not from the ‘chosen few’ countries. For instance Colombia, where I live

At least, that’s what I got from investigating it. Not sure if your experience is different?

Pretty sure connect works in every country that stripe supports (which is like 150+)

And anyone can purchase from any country

They accept all major credit cards plus apple and Google pay and any of the others like Alipay etc

Purchase yes, open an account for doing business is very limited

Gotta love the url ‘global’ :grin:

Ah it’s way less than I thought. That being said I doubt you’ll find a solution that supports every country out there

The one option that works is PayPal, and basically see their fees as some sort of tax

PayPal I guess

That’s what Egghead does for non-US citizens


Makes sense

I will probably start a Stripe Atlas company for myself and any US interactions I have, and do paypal for the rest. But it’s something I need to figure out before accepting other vendors

Yes same from here (uae) Stripe is not supported But PayPal sounds like an alternative

Thought about providing the platform self as opensource project so everyone can contribute? Payment can still be configured in secure way. So you can get help by other people to build it up

Open sourcing the platform is definitely something I will consider, but probably not from scratch.