Hi I m new to Nx I wan…

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Hi, I’m new to Nx. I want to create a project with a Nest.js as backend and Next.js as frontend but when run nx serve only Next.js runs. The steps I follow was: Create a new project npx create-nx-workspace@latest and choose “empty” Install the Next.js plugin yarn add -D @nrwl/next Generate a Next.js application nx g @nrwl/next:app --style css --linter eslint --name frontend Install the Nest.js plugin yarn add @nrwl/nest Generate a Nest.js application nx g @nrwl/nest:app --linter eslint --frontendProject=frontend --name backend Start the project: yarn start I want to use Nest.js as backend due its support for Web Socket and Next.js lack of


you’ll want to run either nx s frontend or nx s backend

there is a paramter after serve which is the name of the app you want to run. If you omit it it just serves the default app, which in your case is the next app

Is there a way to run both

You will need 2 terminals open.

one in each term

but if you absolute need them in the same term you could use something like this: https://www.npmjs.com/package/concurrently

I believed that making backend a dependency of frontend NX would start it automatic

No, it doesn’t work like that.


no problem

I managed to run two apps by using the run-many with the --parallel

nx run-many --target=serve --projects=app1,app2 --parallel

any reason why that shouldn’t work?

Nope, I’m on nx 8 right now. I know nx 9 implements a lot of new run commands especially with the custom run commands. So I think what you are doing is totally fine.