Hi guys I ve been wonde…

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Hi guys, I’ve been wondering if it’s possible to use Nx to have a main app which will contain a panel with routes that redirects for different applications (like this https://medium.com/disney-streaming/combining-multiple-angular-applications-into-a-single-one-e87d530d6527). Does anyone know if I can do this and how can I do it using Nx? Thanks


You should be able to generate various angular apps, like in the example, create the shared modules and include them

But I’m not sure if I understand the benefit over sharing libraries?

Let’s say for example.. I want a main screen that has a link for all my prototypes but I don’t want to build them independently (each prototype will be it’s on a separated application), I want them all on the same repo and deploying together and link them by “main app routes”.

My initial thought would be to build out any functionality in libs, then consume those libs in apps

So each of your prototype app will consume it’s functionality through a lib. Then the main app that brings them all together consumes all the prototype libs