Not nx specific but will…

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Not nx specific but will be using nx to accomplish it. Does anyone have any resources on embedding react elements into an angular app?


there is a microsoft project for doing just that

Was just looking at that thanks!

Pretty crazy Microsoft developed a project for that

Yea, they must have been doing that in a lot of apps.

If your switching between frontend frameworks / libs you could also look at

for better separation of concerns

no idea how it would work in nx though

We aren’t switching, I am just considering building a single component in react as the underlying library uses react and has full support for react plugins (plus there is a demo project that does exactly what i need built in react)

Victor has a few blog posts published

I saw the blogs about using react and angular together by sharing web components, but wasn’t able to find one for using a react component in an angular application

I guess I could build a react web component and use that :man-shrugging:

Fun fact that Microsoft repo for embedding react into Angular is an Nx workspace!

Where do I find that repo?

Oh never mind

I’m going to give it a try sometime this week.

Curious what hiccups I’ll come across