Hi all anyone know how …

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Hi all, anyone know how to make an angular library “buildable after the fact” > Now let’s create a buildable library instead (you can always make an existing library buildable after the fact). > https://nx.dev/angular/guides/ci/incremental-builds#buildable-libraries


Not sure where my original response went.. but I believe this is not currently supported but there is a manual approach: https://github.com/nrwl/nx/issues/2329

OK - thx!

We covered this today on Nx Office Hours <https://youtu.be/Ral9ebYeAW0 https://youtu.be/Ral9ebYeAW0>. Its about 4:30 into the broadcast

Hey I watched the broadcast from 430 on for about 5 minutes but didn’t see you mention how to convert an existing lib to publishable. Did I miss it or is it farther in?

Yea, I go through the process starting around the 5 minute mark